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Hilarious Home Hacks: Bed Bug Battling Bed Linen | Duvet Deep Dive

Bed Bug Bonanza: Humorously Surveying Your Sheets for Pests!

With bed bugs being rather “in-thing” in the pest communities these days, you’re probably thinking more often about the frequency of washing your duvet covers. If you’re rather puzzled about what to do, fret not! Solid tips from the previous generation – read, not your older siblings – are here to eradicate the enemy!

Sure Signs of Bed Bug Birthday Bashes

Ah, bed bugs, the uninvited guests making a living room in your bedding, more unwanted than that cousin thrice removed who always outstays their welcome at Christmas. But how does one ensure that these pesky freeloaders are actually shacking up in your sheets?

Firstly, your skin might be fresher than a ripe peach in their perspective, resulting in itchy bite marks. Other signs include tiny excrement spots or small blood stains on your bedding – yes, gross, we know. Having a sudden urge to change your mattress? Look out for shed bed bug skins or even live bed bugs.

Nana’s Knowledge on Keeping Bed Bugs at Bay

You’ve discovered that your uninvited occupants, the bed bugs, have thrown a party in your bed? Time to call in the cleaning cavalry and bring out grandma’s wisdom. It’s a good time as any to finally justify all those hours spent scouring through the mysterious “Instruction” section of your washing machine. Ready to turn up the heat? Crank your washing machine up to the Tolkien-approved setting of “Mount Doom” or as us muggles call it, the hottest setting.

Duvet Obi-Wan Kenobi: They’re your only hope!

Is there an optimum number of times to dunk your duvet in a cleansing bath each month? Should you wage this battle once, twice or a half-dozen times in a fortnight?

We’ve got bad news for the laundry loathers, but for the persistent warriors, fortnightly washes are the golden standard. However, if you’ve identified your bed as a hot spot for the bug bonanza, amp it up to a full cleanse every week. Always remember, the sheet that fights back is the clean sheet.

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