Qui est à la pointe de la mode ? Les 6 tendances révolutionnaires de fin 2023 !

To be Fashionable from Head to Toes till 2024

You Wish to be Fashion-Forward from Head to Toe till 2024?

Fret not, we’re at your service to bestow you with some ultra-chic fashion looks you ought to adopt before 2023 runs out. Let’s bring some swagger into your wardrobe, shall we?

“The Stoner Girl” Look: Smoke and Mirrors?

With the recent increase in legal marijuana’s popularity, we now have the “stoner girl” style. Disclaimer: No actual smoking required. The look is more to do with vibe and environment than it is about what’s filling your lungs! Oversized tie-dye shirts, baggy jeans and vintage windbreakers make major components. Feel free to put on those color-tinted sunglasses, they are all the rage after all. Shhh, here’s a little secret, add a little flair with accessories like hemp jewelry or mini backpacks. The real key to this iconoclast look is in your comfort, cheerful, unconventional with a whiff of 90s nostalgia.

“The High-Waist Pants & Crop Top” Duo: Are we Crop(ping) the Chandails?

Move aside “Mom Jeans,” high-waist pants are taking over. Paired with a cute crop top, we are redefining the throwback trend here. High-waist designs focus on accentuating your waist, giving an illusion of longer legs and height, aka the holy-casual-yet-chic grail of denim. Not to skirt around the issue, but crop tops are not just summer apparel anymore, they’re also super comfortable. Wearing a crop top can be a tad intimidating if you’re uninitiated to the sisterhood of the traveling crops, but remember, fashion is all about confidence (and a tiny bit about abs too).

“The Oversize Blazer” Phaze: Are we Suiting up?

Never underestimate the versatility of a good blazer. The oversized blazer literally blazes its own trail of style- practical yet stylish. Pair it with “mom jeans” they said, it will be fun, they said. Then we realized, pairing it with anything made an instant style statement. Even John Travolta would be dancing to our tune in Grease. With oversized blazers, less is more. Choose vibrant colors or play safe with checks or solids, but trust us, once you put it on, you’d think we’ve pulled off a magic trick right in your wardrobe.

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