France, Terre Promise? Mystérieux Couloir Feministe pour Femmes Afghanes Révélé!

Humour in Humanity: The Dark Tale of Taliban Sway with a Twist

Humour in Humanity: The Tragic Tale of Taliban Sway with a Twist

Ever since 2021, the Taliban have been running a ‘Terror-r Show’ in Afghanistan. This land, formerly known for its picturesque landscapes and festive biryani feasts, has now turned into a living nightmare turned reality show, especially for women. They’ve been stripped of all their rights faster than contestants get voted out on ‘Survivor’. From previously proud, strong, and independent women, they’ve been reduced to mere shadows of their former selves, like when the WiFi signal drops to one bar. In a seeming dead-end reality spin-off, some decided to take a risk scarier than a blind date-gone-wrong. It’s a tale of five Afghan women who managed to break free and find refuge in France. After a game of ‘Exile in Pakistan’ lasting several months, they lived with ‘death-on-their-heels’, until a rescue operation finally pulled off. It’s a symbolically loaded humanitarian chain of events that is as unprecedented as a thing unicorn on the streets of New York, painting a stark picture of gender inequality in bright, neon colours.

The French Tournant

To be continued…

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