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Peek-a-boo! Choosing The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

“You’re Spectacular!” No, not just you but even your glasses. When it comes to eye glasses, their primary aim is to rectify the visual defects we all suffer to varying degrees. However, they can also serve as a sketch pencil, subtly enhancing your facial features. The key, however, is finding the spectacles that transform you from a Plain Jane to a Hipster Jane. Currently, an unfortunate number of people discard their glasses faster than a hot potato, dreading it’ll become a fashion faux pas. You might be part of this club too, hold on! There’s hope.

Face It And Embrace It: Assess Your Facial Shape

Yes, you read that right! You need to ‘face’ the reality of your face before you can adorn it. Aren’t we all snowflakes, each of us unique in their way? Same goes with our faces – round, oval, square, heart-shaped (jokingly also called “twitterpated”) – they all rock! And the right pair of glasses will merely jazz it up.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most bewitching face of all? You, dear friend, and your mirror will guide you to find your face shape. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll be on your way to find glasses that bestows upon you an aesthetic appeal that would leave the Greek Gods in awe.

So stop being fashion timid. Let your glasses be the crown that enhances the beauty of your face, not bury it. Shoutout to all those souls who fear their glasses will eclipse their beauty, remember you’re not alone. And more importantly, remember, with the right pair of glasses, you will not just be four-eyed, but also, fantastically fashionable.

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