6 Romans de Sorcellerie qui vous Envoûteront: Un Voyage Magique vous Attend!

Selecting the Perfect Book for Enchanting Breaks

Lately, events around the world seem to be rivaling the apocalyptic plot from a dystopian tale, don’t they? But remember, solace is just a page away. Grab that cup of coffee, put your feet up, and let’s voyage to magical realms with enchanting beings.

Of course, I’m not talking about catching a red-eye to visit your in-laws, though points for creativity. Although retreats into literary worlds may not count towards your frequent flyer miles, they do provide escape, exploration and entertainment, all from the comfort of your favourite reading nook. So, buckle up literary explorers, let’s trek through six bewitching tales of sorcery, more sparkling than the peak-crowned hat of a well-groomed wizard.

Practical Magic, Alice Hoffman – Finding the Magic in Mundane

For our first stop, let me introduce you to two unassuming sisters who, much like your significant other’s sudden interest in yoga, are both ordinary and extraordinary. Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic explores the transformational magic that exists in our everyday life, carefully hiding within the whimsy of family bonds, romantic entanglements, and yes, even a dash of cold-blooded murder. It’s life as we know it, but with a fantastical twist.

Never ones to shy away from challenging circumstances or difficult spells, Sally and Gillian Owens, navigate the everyday complexities of life, with a little magical flare. Also, it’s a helpful guide for those considering joining the ranks of our bewitched friends.

Even if you’re not looking to chat in cabalistic circles, the dreamy storytelling of Alice Hoffman would make even a paragraph about watching paint dry, feel like a spellbinding experience. It’s the literary equivalent of a fuzzy warm hug on a moody rainy day.

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